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7 weeks

7 weeks

I’m still in utter shock. 7!

I don’t know when the shock will wear off. May be during my 1st appointment at the hospital? I honestly don’t know.

On Sunday, following all the excitement with my dear boy, we went over to my folks place to tell them the good news.

I didn’t really know what to expect but the love and care they showed and continue to show, has been pretty awesome!

I can’t help but go online and have a sneak peak into various forums but I’m worried about being overwhelmed with information, with stories of miscarriage and still births and I get emotional. I cry and I can’t stop myself. I look how courageous some people are and I don’t know how I would cope.

People have tried to tell me stories about their births, how they tore from here to there. How they screamed and begged. How much pain they were in.

I’ve started to tell people off. Its MY birth and it will be how I want it to be. I don’t want poeple to freak me out. Its a special time and I need to prepare myself and my body.

My Boy told me that my mother and prob my mother in law will be there to ‘support’ me and I said… NO.




My birth. My plan. My way. I’m only 7 weeks but I know I only want my partner and the midwife there. No one else. Parents can come and see the baby after its born. My birth. My way.

I know he doesn’t understand, but again, he doesn’t need to. My birth. My way.

I was told ‘you’ll be naked for all to see’ and that made me really quite upset. I’m shy with my body and I honestly hate being told that when you’re in labour, you don’t care. I will. I know myself. It freaks me out.

I think when it comes to labour and birth, I’m going to just stick my fingers in my ears and sing.

I want support. I want encouragement. I don’t want to get freaked out by tears and pooping in front of all your relations!!


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